Build an audience
Smart Content Scheduler

Create & schedule more engaging social media content with  less effort.

Schedule Posts Easily

Plan and create content at your own pace with AI, queue and topic tools

Grow Your Community Engagement

Create high quality content with polls, media editor and symbol tools to increase your views and interactions

Multi Social Accounts

Use multiple accounts in one single queue without paying more


Social accounts

Effortlessly manage your social media presence on Twitter & Mastodon in one place with FeedIQ.
Set up your content creation strategy for your target audience within the platform, and apply it seamlessly without switching between tools.

Queue content scheduling


Schedule Visually Your Content 

The queue allows you to visually see what is currently scheduled and the slots you need to fill  for all your social accounts.

Scheduling content shouldn' be more complex than that.


Create Smart Posts

Don't fear the blank page syndrom anymore. Leverage the topics system & AI to always have ideas to create high quality content with the user friendly text editor and medias uploader.
Use threads, polls, symbols, AI optimizer & media editor to create high-end content.

FeedIQ media editor


Always Find an Idea

Define the type of content you want to create for your specific niche & audience. It will help you have a consistent strategy and feed the AI to write & optimize your posts and get fresh ideas.


Write high quality content with AI

Describe your audience, use your topics or use the template ones to generate ready to use post ideas. Use them as a starting point to add your personal touch.

With this system you'll never feel again you lack of ideas on what to post, helping you to be consistent to grow your community while still giving true value to your audience.


Grow Your Audience

Track your progress and improve your strategy until you find the sweet spot for your audience.

Base your decisions on real metrics and detect what kind of content impact the most your audience engagement and views.


Questions You Might Have.

Will my audience grows?

By following the FeedIQ approach, you should see  quickly results on your impressions and engagements. By constantly adjusting your strategy and improving your content quality, your audience will grow along the journey.

When will other Social Networks be available?

Very soon, we're still in the beginning of the adventure and try to give you the best experience for Twitter & Mastodon but other SN will come in the coming weeks.

Is it the final version of FeedIQ?

FeedIQ is meant to evolve based on your feedbacks. Both positive and negative ones are very appreciated to build the best experience over time.




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Social accounts
Monthly AI Credits
Auto retweet
Watermark-free media editing

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