Highlight images with the media editor tool

15 May, 2023

Make your screenshots, photos, and images stand out on user feeds with the media editor tool.

Ratio & Size

Optimize your social media presence by selecting the perfect ratio for your targeted platforms. Tailoring your content to the specific aspect ratios of various social media channels ensures that your posts are visually appealing and effectively displayed.

Image ratio picker

Then adjust the size slider to frame your image perfectly and give some space for the background.

Image size slider

Image options

For screenshots you can use a frame to make your picture framed in a browser.

You can select between a gradient or solid color background. Each colors are customizable by clicking on the color bubbles and using the color picker.

Gradient color picker

Click on the arrows to change the gradient direction.

Adjust the border-radius and shadows intensity with the sliders.

You can also add some noise effect or remove the watermark