Setting up Mastodon on FeedIQ

22 May, 2023

Let's discover how to connect one or multiple Mastodon accounts on FeedIQ to get analytics and schedule tweets.

Connecting your Mastodon account on FeedIQ

On FeedIQ navigate to socials and click on Connect on the Mastodon line.

FeedIQ social accounts connection screen

A modal screen will open to help you pick the Mastodon server you are using. To connect to another server than the ones from the list. Type your server URL in the other field.

Choosing Mastodon server from the list

You will be redirected to Mastodon and will have to accept to grant permissions to the FeedIQ app. We're only using it for your dashboard analytics and post on your behalf.

Authorize FeedIQ to access your Mastodon account

Once your account is connected you can see it on top of the list. You can repeat the whole process if you want to connect multiple Mastodon accounts to FeedIQ.

Connected Mastodon account on FeedIQ

Click on Revoke access if you want to remove your account from FeedIQ. This will erase all your analytics, the history of posted content, and also the currently scheduled queue for this Mastodon account.