Setting up your post schedules

13 May, 2023

By establishing a recurring posting schedule, you can effortlessly maintain a consistent presence and boost audience engagement. Each time configured will become a slot in your queue.

Once your schedule is set up, you can devote your attention to creating compelling social media content. Your posts will seamlessly fill the next available time slots, automatically.

Setup your weekly slots

To add slots in your queue In the schedule section navigate to the settings tab.

Empty schedule screen

Under the day of your choice, hit the "+" button to open the slot creation menu.

Slot menu creation

Select the desired hour and minute (we use your detected device timezone). Select one or multiple connected social accounts.

You can also attach a topic to this slot. This will give you guidance on what kind of content you want to post at that specific time. (You must first configure your topics to see this option)

Repeat the process for all the desired days and times.

All weekly slots configured

Once you have set up your slots for every day and social account, your queue will be ready for you to create content without having to pick manually a date and time.

Content scheduling queue

The "create post" button will automatically select the first available slot. Or you can click on "Schedule a post" to manually select the slot you want to create content for.

Reorder posts in your queue

You can drag and drop posts to re-order your queue. If you drop it over an empty slot, it will use it if it's for the same social account. Otherwise, it will just use the same date and time but leave the slot empty for the expected social account.

Drag & drop to reorder queue posts

If you drop it over another scheduled post, the two post positions will swap.