Topic management: Enhancing your post content strategy

15 May, 2023

Topics are a powerful tool to shape your content creation strategy and ensure a perpetual stream of fresh ideas. With topics, you have the flexibility to plan specific types of posts for different days and times.

For example, you can schedule motivational posts every Monday morning, share insightful articles every Wednesday afternoon, and engage your audience on Friday by discussing weekly achievements.

By organizing your content around topics, you establish consistency and provide yourself with a solid foundation for creating engaging posts.

How to setup topics

Navigate to Topics.

FeedIQ topics screen

Hit the Add topic button or click on one of the templates to open the topic creation menu.

Topic creation menu

Write down the title, description, and related hashtags.

Once your topics are created, they will be available to be attached to your slots in your scheduling settings.

Attaching a topic to a slot

Posts created in a slot containing a topic will display the topic information to guide you when you schedule your content.

Post creation with a topic

Topics are very useful to feed the FeedIQ AI assistant and generate content ideas that match your content creation strategy.

AI Assistant tool