How to use FeedIQ post creation tool

15 May, 2023

Create engaging social media content with all the tools available in FeedIQ post creator.

Text edition

By using a configured slot, FeedIQ will automatically select the related social account but you can always select a different one.

FeedIQ create post modal

Links, hashtags, and mentions inside the text box are be automatically detected to give you a preview as close as possible to what it will look like once published.

Text links, hashtags and mention highlighting

On the bottom right you can see the number of remaining characters.

Character limit on Twitter

You can use the AI assistant to get post ideas or AI optimizer to generate 3 enhanced and corrected alternatives to your current content.

Results from the AI optimizer tool

To create lists or add frequently used non-emoji symbols you can click on the "symbols" button to open the picker. Click on the one of your choice to copy it to your clipboard.

FeedIQ symbol picker tool

Upload medias

Supported image formats are .jpg, .png, and .gifs with a maximum size of 5MB (social media limit). If your file is bigger, try reducing its size with this free image resizer tool.

You can paste images and screenshots from your clipboard into the text box, they'll be automatically uploaded.

Click on the bottom left of an image thumbnail to open the media editor to resize, frame, and add a background gradient to your pictures.

FeedIQ media editor

Video supported formats are .mov and .mp4 with a maximum size of 20MB.

Polls (Twitter only)

You can create Twitter polls without leaving FeedIQ. You can't combine media with a poll.

Define 2 to 4 possible choices for your poll, and select its duration.

Poll edition

Pick date & time

The time is automatically set from the slot time but you can change it to any time. If you modify the date or time it will be detached from the slot, and the slot will become available for another post. If you saved it and want to attach it back to the slot, drag & drop it into the slot.

Date and time picker

If you set the date to the past or hit the "Now" button the post will be immediately scheduled. It can take up to one minute before being visible on social media platforms.

If you just want to save your post idea without scheduling it, you can save it to draft. You can edit and schedule your drafts from the "draft" tab.

Drafts tab